March 2nd, 2004


You're all #1 in my book

So, I was wanting to find out in which thread I had posted a specific benevolence to a specific someone, so I could make reference to it later. (As you do.) Unfortunately, the specific someone in question routinely Friends-locks all her posts, so Google was out of the question.

The next thought was to search through all my old comment notifications in order to try to find it. "Blimey", I thought. "7,411 messages from lj_notify is quite a lot"; the beefy userinfo tells me that 4,402 of them were due to comments in my journal, so 3,009 must be result from people replying to comments I have left in other people's journals.

Then, as you probably don't, I had a burning desire to work out who most frequently inspired such comments. A fairly slow and undignified hack and thrash with QBasic later and Collapse )
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