April 23rd, 2004


In Boston!

So I'm in Boston. Wheeeeeee. :-D

The trip looked rather touch-and-go for a while. Specifically:

Thursday: headache descends, accompanied by variable temperature, occasional shivering, swollen lymph nodes, lack of appetite and all that "good stuff".

Friday: discover that this extends to only getting sleep in bursts of two or three hours at most. Add sickness.

Saturday: not really better. Continue treating with paracetamol (US: Tylenol).

Sunday: nope, still not good. Ring NHS Direct. Referred to out-of-hours emergency doctor's surgery at Sunday lunchtime. Visit, have a number of tests, referred to Medical Assessment Unit with the scary threat of being an inpatient. Various possibilities like viral meningitis discussed; after the blood tests, the diagnosis is glandular fever (US: mononucleosis).

Monday: go back for more tests. Declared medically fit to fly, subject to insurance confirmation, though if I have any doubts at all then I am advised to rest at home. Insurance company: as I didn't stay in hospital overnight, all well. Immense bouncing and squealing from this end, as well you can imagine; I declare myself definitely well enough and pack like I have never packed before.

Tuesday: coach journey averagely lousy; Subway breakfast with addedentry; Icelandair trip from London to Reykjavik reasonable; trip from Reykjavik to Baltimore incredibly long and fairly uncomfortable. Ah well - you get what you pay for, and I paid GBP 0 + tax. Baltimore to Boston leg with AirTran: I had seat 19D, seats 19E and 19F were free, so I stretched out as soon as the seatbelt light went off. Can't fault AirTran as a consequence. Big huggy reunion with dezzikitty, a cab journey home and a happy night settling in.

Wednesday: caught up with sleep. Lots. Also went out to the supermarket; alfredo pasta for dinner. Yum!

Thursday: into Boston, pick up tickets for the Blue Man Group for Saturday night as part of the birthday present. Meet up with Meg and Elsa for lunch, but it is so staggeringly hot (about 80°F - as hot as it's likely to get in Middlesbrough all year) that I am not in a terribly hungry mood. Skip on afternoon plans, return home instead. Sounds like a good reason for a quiet night in, then.

Friday: taking it very slowly and gently indeed, as well you might imagine. Today I am 28½, but far more importantly, a very happy and wonderful birthday to the person who makes me happier than anyone else in all the world, my amazing and overflowingly fun girlfriend dezzikitty.

Prognosis for rest of weekend: lots and lots of taking it easy in recuperation. Or something like that, at least. ;-)
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