March 23rd, 2005


Consequences of the consequences

A very light shave from my Friends list: farewell to two deleted journals and four people who deFriended me long ago. If you're reading this on a Friends page, your status hasn't changed.

The Poker Channel launched today; find it at channel 265 on Sky Digital in the UK, possibly to be distributed by cable as well at a later date. Teleshopping from 2pm to 5pm, poker and gambling from 5pm to 1am and (if I understand correctly) a live feed from their own branded online poker room overnight. From April 21st they'll be showing their own poker tournament, the British Poker Open, as-live, three nights a week. I saw no publicity about this at all today, but a lot of publicity about Poker 425 which is not the spoiler poker channel the ad made it out to be but a spoiler hour-long weekly poker show added to an established phone-in-and-gamble-at-lousy-odds gaming channel. (Edge TV, about all things gaming, is expected to launch 2005 Q2 in the US, with Casino and Gaming TV (CGTV) to launch in Canada in May 2005 and hopefully in the US later that year.)

No Sky Digital here, but I'm interested to see the latest about Freesat which offers you 120 free-to-air TV channels and 80 free-to-air radio channels by digital satellite for a one-time fee of £150 to cover the cost of the digital satellite dish and installation. Only 28 of those 120 TV channels are apparently devoted to shopping, but I would be surprised if a similar number weren't essentially predicated on premium-rate phone call applications. Still, at least their revenue stream is clear; I have no clue how the others survive, other than by having lots of (incredibly cheap) advertising and a full-time staff of about six people spread over a family of six channels. Of course there's always the possibility that Freesat won't forever remain free and/or that the few vaguely interesting channels thereon might not remain free-to-view; I thought I had read that Freesat came with a guarantee of two years' service for your £150, but the Freesat T&C seem to guarantee you a valid viewing card for five years for your money. Worth considering, then, if I watched much TV; as much as I like Jesse May's stylings, I like him less than £150.

Talking of spending money, there's a round of Spend rialtus' Money going on as he and his wife pledge to match every dollar spent sponsoring their participation in the (U.S.) National MS Society's annual MS Walk in Redlands. It's a good cause; Potter fans of America, remember that one J. K. Rowling is patron of the MS Society in Scotland, so if you want to support one of her favourite causes a little closer to home, then do so via Carl and Jen.

I think further prolonging the Consequences game would be inconsequential, ha ha, so here are the stories produced. Many thanks to the 25 participants. I have not tried to pick entries which go together; you should be able to find your answer fragments lining up diagonally down-and-across the page next to each other, or at least, wrapping around from bottom to top. My three favourites are at the start, but I would welcome your comments - and, indeed, your deliberate remixes.

John Lennon met Eva Braun on the battlefield at Stalingrad. He said to her, "We come from two totally different worlds. Let's make out." She said to him, "Duck!!" The world said, "Oh, just get it over with already!" The consequence was they got married and had lots of sex and babies and the moral of the story is "Be careful what you wish for."

Michael Jackson met Anne Widdecombe at the top of the Eiffel Tower. He said to her, "I love you, but I'm not IN love with you." She said to him, "My, what big ears you have." The world said, "Don't you know the meaning of propriety?" The consequence was they ended up married and the moral of the story is that tedium comes to those who wait.

Captain Hook met Ruslana at Scarborough Fair. He said to her, "Fancy a ride?" She said to him, "What would your mother say?" The world said, "Loser!" The consequence was that the excellent new album by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain became a surprise chart-topper and the moral of the story is "Don't put all your eggs in one omelette."

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I do like playing games on LiveJournal, though it's nothing new; brigbother runs a fair ol' number of them, and they've been seen at daweaver, quidditchmaster, radinden, amnewsboy and many others. (Mostly men; the ladies tend to prefer to set up RPG communities and sink hundreds of hours into their gaming that way. 'Tis all good, 'tis all gaming.) There has to be a game which uses LJ's advantages to permit play in a way that no other medium has permitted before, but I don't know what it is. In the interim, I wonder if there are Railway Rivals veterans who'd like to play-by-LJ?
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