April 10th, 2005



The colour has returned to my journal's cheeks and I've adopted a non-trivial default icon once more. Hey, life goes on. :-)

Very interested to see passing mention of a movie called Fever Pitch today. Nick Hornby wrote a novel about his love, his love of Arsenal Football Club and how the two interacted, so the adaptation to baseball and the Boston Red Sox is a non-obvious one. (Credit for a title that works well for both football and baseball but in different ways, too.) In short, it seems to be a boy-meets-girl boy-meets-baseball boy-leaves-girl-for-baseball etc. film - a romantic comedy with lots of sport in. Meeeeeeeeeg! [1] Can we go and see it pleasepleaseplease?

English football fans, or fans of English football from any nationality, which twenty teams would you like to see in the Premiership? Pick based on tribal loyalties, geographical spread, clubs' past successes, clubs' fanbases, clubs' names or any other sort of basis that takes your fancy. When I asked him this question, my Dad, who's a much bigger Sunderland AFC fan than I am, picked Collapse )

[1] "Meeeeeeeeeg!" looks wrong to me, it looks like it should rhyme with "league". Μηηηηηηγ, that's what I mean.
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