April 17th, 2005


Ghosts of posts

There's a current of feeling going around that the British election hasn't been very interesting so far due to the fact that the differences between the parties aren't dramatic. The most interesting piece of journalism I've seen so far this election is this piece in The Times (so, sadly, UK-only) about how voters' political issue preferences are lining up; if the battleground isn't about tax any more, then what the left-right divide means in this country these days. Hat tip to ewx for the link to the snappily-titled (heavily British) Political Survey 2005, which is what it says it is and far more interesting than the Who Should You Vote For? jobby going round these days - which I think is far from well-designed, though not deliberately overt propaganda. (nja and others have been engaging in interesting analysis here.) My results show that I am a fairly strong internationalist, as opposed to nationalist, though I've seen (and admired!) one considerably more internationalist score still from a Friend already.

Changing the subject, I have a not-very-exciting theory that if you mean to write about something topical in LJ and don't do so immediately, the chance of you doing so goes down very rapidly as time goes by - more than linearly, though I wouldn't like to wildly stab at a power. Accordingly, I have a long list of things that I have long meant to LJ about and now accept that I never will. Therefore I'm going to try to flush the buffer by telling you about (some of!) the things I meant to post to LJ about but never did. If you'd like me to remove any of these from the j_p trashcan before I press the recycle button then speak up and I may blog about them yet.

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I also wish to recognise the contribution of shortcake biscuits to my diet today. Thanks, shortcake. Thortcake.
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