May 5th, 2005


Do us a favour?

Am back from two fantastic weeks with my increasingly wonderful girlfriend in Atlanta and Boston. It was tremendous fun and I miss her massively already, but more of that another time.

The General Election in the UK tonight looks to be satisfyingly mysterious. Labour might do almost as well as last time, but there are still some commentators who think that even a working Labour majority isn't a foregone conclusion; undyingking's Election Predictor is very interesting but may be suffering from many of the predictions being fairly old, but I suggest this thread is as good a place as any to start a prediction competition. Reply with your estimated majority as a comment and we'll see if any of us get close. Less credit for guesses made with the benefit of exit polls and/or actual results.

If you were thinking of not voting, would you do us a favour? Go to the polling station and gloriously, spectacularly spoil your ballot paper, please. Write or draw something remarkable on the ballot paper - maybe "NONE OF THE ABOVE", maybe something much less mundane - and give the returning officer and the election system a piece of your mind. You'll feel much better about it than if you do nothing at all.
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