June 7th, 2005


Ain't goin' nowhere

1. The permanent account sale is now in progress until midnight tonight EST. In almost sickeningly fortunate news, an anonymous donor bought me one. While I approve wholeheartedly of random acts of kindness, I fear this is one I will find hard to repay on the grounds that I do not know who to thank and fear that I will only be able to pay the favour forwards somehow some day. Thank you, whoever you are; I hope you're rich enough that $150 is not going to have unduly dented your wallet.

2. My hard-working, successful and very generous (even if most likely unconnected to #1 above) friend mr_babbage is topping the bill as one of three acts putting on a magic show at the intimate Broadway Theatre in London. Intimate might be Variety-speak for "small" - though wouldn't Variety-speak for "small" be something more like "smizzox"? - but the intimacy makes it ideal for people watching close-up tricks in close detail. The routine is themed around dice and board games and quite frankly it ought to be highly unusual and highly bonzer. Tickets are a reasonable £8½ and the show starts at 7:30pm on Monday 4th July. I shall have to wait for a future date of what will undoubtedly be a long and glorious run for I shall be visiting my hard-working, successful, very generous and magnificently lovely girlfriend dezzikitty.

3. Congratulations to two other of my hard-working, successful and very generous LJ Friends who have started dating each other. If they had announced it outside Friends-locked entries then I would tell you who they were and how they first met but it's their good news to share with the world.

4. I have lots of other hard-working, successful and very generous friends, but don't have anything to smoke them out with. All of them except one weren't responsible for #1 above but this doesn't stop the adjectives from applying.

ETA: 5. Following up an older moan, Pearson Vue who operate the Driving Theory tests on behalf of the DSA phoned me up and offered to reschedule my test in the morning. Good! All's well that ended well in this instance, but there may well still be an e-mail to the DSA (rather than Pearson Vue) all the same on principle.
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