July 18th, 2005


Five thousand words of fun

I'm writing this on the coach on the way home, having been off the Internet for days, so I'm way behind on my Friends list and unaware of any trauma that may have occurred this weekend to dampen the mood.

Another excellent trip has just finished: almost two weeks in the USA to see my beloved Meg. This trip was really built around Meg moving house, with all its attendant packing and transportation. A lot of the time I tended to keep out of the way and only help when Meg asked me to, but it worked well. The whole moving process was as stressful as ever, complicated slightly by having to take Meg's cat bella with us, but on balance it wasn't too much to cope with. If between us we can get through moving house and dealing with the death of my mother, it doesn't get too much worse than that, does it?

We ate considerable quantities of excellent food in Boston and rather more in Georgia, staying in another (larger but marginally less cool) room in Ashford Manor. Lots of action and activity and not as much time to relax and just, really, hang out with each other as we'd like, but that's usually the way. Same again next time when we'll be there for The Witching Hour. My next trip is less than ten weeks away and there are things to look forward to in that time, but I miss Meg massively already. The company was excellent; it was tremendous to see a number of lovely folk again and I look forward to seeing many more next time.

The trip back was very easy but predictably sad. We nearly managed to get an unexpected extra two hours together (and $200 travel credit!) at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport when Delta had to take people off their plane between Atlanta and New York JFK, but my onward flight from JFK back to London would have made things tricky. Not impossible, but certainly tricky, and potentially rather worrying if my luggage went to JFK as planned even though I had been diverted to Newark. However, it could have been much more sad still for both of us than it was, because we both knew that Meg had a trip to see fun folk in Houston and I was off to Manorcon immediately afterwards, sugar after the bitter pill of parting.

Now I'm going to describe Manorcon in much more detail than my time with Meg, but that's because there's more to write about, Manorcon is a public event and much of the happiness Meg and I share is rather private. If I had to choose between the two it would be Meg every time, obviously, as demonstrated last year when choosing Paris with Meg over Manorcon (and Nimbus - 2003 over Manorcon the year before, too, after eight consecutive Manorcons). If I can't be with my best friend, being with a number of my not-far-behind friends who I hadn't seen for a long time is as good as inferior alternatives get.

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Unrelatedly, here's a jokey but legitimate puzzle, mostly intended for the twentysomethings out there. What continues the following sequence? ADVENTURE, ROMANCE, JOKES, DANCE, COMPUTER, AIR, PIANO, HAIR, THINGS, ???? (ETA: the answer falls out straight away using Google, so please don't use any search engines to crack this until, ooh, Wednesday or so and those who have done this from memory have had a go.)

All this and I hear that the new Harry Potter book is meant to be pretty good. I look forward to getting the chance to read it at some point...
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