August 5th, 2005


In which my Friends list, who need no encouragement to make up silly words, get some

The Sorting Hat has been at the GIN again and has forgotten the names of the traditional four houses. It is sorting people into anything that sounds vaguely plausible. It has already sorted people into Spoddlybox House, Uefacup House, Damerell House and Companies House.

Where would it sort you? Where would it sort me?
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Today I wrote a slightly-less-than-flattering opinion of someone (mostly positive, but with a significant caveat - and in this day and age when any eBay feedback less than "AAAA++++++++" is seen as an unforgiveable insult, it's going to be the caveat that has the impact) and given an opinion on a long-dormant disagreement which the world could have done without reopening. Now I intended to send these viewpoints to a single recipient, but I appear to have inadvertently sent them to a mailing list. Oh dear.

While I do trust the people on the list to which it was sent, these things have a tendency to spread further than their original intended destination, often by very innocent means, often a significant period of time after the fact. Should this reach the person I was talking about, I can only hope that the entirety of the comment is seen in its full context, rather than a choice phrase or two being extracted, and I will indeed own and stand by what I have said as being not just the truth but the full truth of my opinion.

*twiddles thumbs, waits for avalanche*
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