August 11th, 2005


A quick trip to London

I feel a little like I'm in a holding pattern at the moment; lots of good things in the foreseeable future, none yet terribly close. Work is going reasonably well and I ought to have finished a particular large chunk of my training in the next month or so which will mean I can get to the meaty decision-making parts of the job rather than the "here's the decisions made, you implement them" parts. I've also taken advice from the rest of the team about sleep patterns and I feel confident about my ability to make myself fit around them in the long term. Definitely things are looking up here.

Driving lessons continue apace, too. At the end of the month there's the ninth Mind Sports Olympiad, though this time I'll only be able to go and help out for four days; the shift pattern that meant I missed both Accio 2005 and Worldcon will also make me miss two four-day chunks of the Olympiad, so I will just have to fill the four days between power station work with whatever MSO work I can. I'm counting down, and looking forward very much, to going and seeing Meg again, of course, and there's The Witching Hour waiting for us when we get there.

I've also started work on a small and hopefully interesting side web project which is something I've been thinking about, on and off, for months or years - more about that when there's something worth seeing.

However, this break, I've thrown all my knowledge about sleep patterns out of the window to enable a quick jaunt down to London and back. A friend I've known for approaching ten years, David Hammett, is on a flying visit from LA to Germany and London; having only ever met him in the summer of 1996, I took advantage of being rather closer than usual to remake his acquaintance.

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