September 6th, 2005


Major League Chess

I was thrilled to read that the US Chess League had its first week of matches last Wednesday night. If ever there were a first sentence to make 80% of you skip on to the next post, that might be it; the rest of you, who indulge my passion for vicarious chess geekery, may Collapse )

In other news, a mailing list I'm on provided a link to an - the? - excellent article about sudoku puzzles, with their history and some variants. Very fine work, even by Ed Pegg Jr.'s usual high standards. Additionally, byronosaurusrex points to the Bulgarian Puzzle Championship, their local WPC qualifier, but which also invites the rest of the world to take the test unofficially. (Double thumbs up, Bulgaria!) The neat gimmick is that you are permitted to participate any time you have 2½ uninterrupted puzzling hours from the 5th to the 13th of September, though this does throw into question the possibility of people seeing the questions in advance before their self-allotted 150 minutes.

You can see last year's test (at the bottom) for practice at US Puzzle Championship style puzzles at less than US Puzzle Championship difficulty. Unfortunately they're all written in Bulgarian, but there are worked examples of each one, so (especially if you've seen the puzzle types before) you'll find that you can speak puzzle pidgin Bulgarian easily.