September 11th, 2005


To boldly go to London where quite a few people have gone before

Hello peeps! 2ndavemusic is coming to London at the end of the week because the comedy musical for which he wrote lyrics, I am Star Trek!, is playing at the Greenwich Theatre in London this Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Curtain up at 8pm, tickets £14 (£10 for concessions). It takes the mickey out of Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry, Edinburgh News gave it **** and the fans give it **** on average as well. Apparently it is accessible even for non-Trek{kie|ker}s and so I am going to give it a punt. (Would I have done so if it didn't have a connection with one of my Friends? Yes, but I wouldn't have travelled down to London just to see it.)

I haven't booked tickets yet - I'm not sure what availability is like at the moment, to be honest - but am intending to come down to London and attend on Friday night if at all I can. Anyone else want to come along? (malachan and/or titanic_days, if you want to t00b along, in your cases it would be on me.)
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    silly London! People! Good times!