May 16th, 2006

what the shatner?

Ticking over

Not feeling terribly eloquent at the moment, so my LJ time is going to reading and commenting rather than posting. If anything, I'm retreating to TV from my youth through the means of BitTorrent, which is my excuse for enjoying The Lenny Henry Show from 1987 and 1988 rather more than perhaps I might. (Someone uploaded The Ghosts of Oxford Street, the Channel 4 1991 special, as well. The theme tune thereof is as groovy as I remembered.) I do have some thoughts on bigger issues running through my head; for instance, someone linked to a defence of structural economic inequality that I found considerably more convincing than I thought I would do. No link yet, because I want to tie it in with some other thoughts I've been having at some point.

Unrelatedly, this sleep mask looks like it might be rather better than sleep masks I have tried and struggled with in the past, and the government's Neighbourhood Statistics web site is a pleasantly detailed way of trying to get some sort of feel for an area from afar.

Accordingly, as a cheap mindless filler, the gorgeous dezzikitty assisted me in a soft drink review a while back. After trying Diet Coke with Lime, I had a go at Diet Coke with Cherry. It has a strong and artificial bouquet smell to it, reminiscent of fruity fizzy drinks from Dad's generation like sarsparilla. The taste is considerably more tainted with cherry than Diet Coke With Lime is flavoured with lime, to the point where the fruit makes a decent fist at knocking out the artificiality of the sweetener. You're not here for the review, though, you're here for the silly pictures; on a scale of
to , I award Diet Coke with Cherry a marginally-preferable-to-the-Lime-version verdict of .
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