July 22nd, 2006


Marketing is hard, let's go shopping

All right. I've just watched a really professionally made film that lasted about an hour and a bit, apparently made and freely (as in beer) released by a director who claims to be tired of Hollywood and its monopoly on the film industry. "My plan is to use the power of the Internet to create an entirely new and completely free distribution model for movies. I intend to make exactly $0 from this project. My goal is not money, but instead entertainment and I will go to great lengths to make sure this movie is available to all free of charge."

Obviously, it's a subtle advert, especially as there appear to be no references to the director outside the context of this film elsewhere on the Web. It's also so subtle an advert that only one other blog, as far as I can tell, has spotted it's an advert, or at least some sort of viral marketing gimmick. (Not so subtle that I didn't pick up on it, though, and I tend to fall hook, line and sinker for things less subtle than sledgehammers.)

Without telling you what the film is, or even what sort of company is doing the advertising, but noting that the breathtaking aspect about the endeavour is the incredible artifice to disguise the fact that it's an advert; which company is doing the most interesting, widespread, wacky, too-cool massively multimedia marketing in the world at the moment?

It isn't even that interesting a film; I only stuck with it on the basis that the subject matter is something for which I am a fairly soft target, and they've done a very good job with it - especially on covering up their tracks and playing along that it's all for real. I just don't quite feel like giving it further publicity myself. (Yet.)
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