February 29th, 2008


Fizz Buzz

All right, you lot are smart, but I reckon the over/under before someone screws this up must be about 29. (Some day I shall try it on a more public message board and will be delighted if it gets to 13.)

What I would like to see, if you would be so kind, is a single thread of comments. The first reply should be the number one, the second reply should be the number two and so forth. Any number exactly divisible by 3 is replaced by "Fizz", any number exactly divisible by 5 is replaced by "Buzz" and any number exactly divisible by both is replaced by "Fizz Buzz".

The count stops when:
  • someone posts incorrectly,
  • someone doesn't post as a response to the most recently-posted comment,
  • someone posts to the thread a second time,
  • someone gets geeky and decides that we aren't playing in decimal,
  • someone gets bored or drunk and instead of a number posts something else like a rude word, an advert for recreational medicine, a program to automatically generate the correct answers or an argument that my rules are wrong and 4725 should really be Fizz Fizz Fizz Buzz Buzz Grooby,
  • someone cocks up in some other more creative fashion that I haven't foreseen
  •  or
  • someone tries to edit or delete their reply once they've spotted their mistake and realised they've stopped the count for everyone. (Don't forget, I get the replies e-mailed to me.)

    I have faith in you. Go and set a world record that will never be broken.

    Go team!