March 10th, 2008


Monday links

1. Daylight Savings Time has now come into operation (i.e., the clocks have gone forward) for much of North America, but it doesn't do so in Europe for another three weeks. People with transatlantic family should therefore temporarily replace ingrained notions of "British = Eastern + 5 = Pacific + 8" with thoughts of "British = Eastern + 4 = Pacific + 7" until Sunday 30th. Traditionally there only used to be one week of this discrepancy, but this year there are three due to a combination of the USA's Energy Policy Act of 2005 and March having five Sundays. There'll be another week of this at the end of October and start of November, too.

2. I choose to believe that if any of you had known about the "Sandpit" monthly games meetings of London's Hide and Seek games festival, the London Games Fringe or Bristol's Interesting Games Lab then you would have told me about them. Yet another reason why I live in the wrong part of the country; Greater London has a similar population to the North East of England combined with Yorkshire and the Humber, and about the only other person I can think of within a hundred miles of here who might be interested is York's Thomas Scott, who is several times as creatively fecund as me. I shall merely have to admire rulesets from afar; I'm particularly taken with Texas Hold Me.

3. whipartist points to an incredible piece of benign mischief - a two-minute musical apparently spontaneously breaking out in a food court, a bit like a low-budget Flashmob: the Opera. Not really very improv, but still extremely entertaining.

4. Excerpting from a longer article that I may or may not eventually get around to writing, I note that university sport has nowhere near the significance in the UK that it does in the US, even noting the traditional Oxford-Cambridge clashes. BUSA, the British Universities Sports Association, is the British counterpart to the USA's noted NCAA, and are holding as many of their national championships as they can this weekend in a single four-day Olymp multi-sport festival in Sheffield this weekend, the British University Championships. Collapse )
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