August 19th, 2009


The Distributed Easy Lyrics Quiz

Last Thursday, venta - and here I quote - "had a fabulous idea. Everyone likes lyrics quizzes, right ? Well, nearly everyone. But they take time to write...

So, what we need is the self-writing lyrics quiz. But that's not the kind of thing that automated systems are good at. Instead, how about a cooperative effort where everyone does a little bit ? You fill in one lyric in the poll below, you fill in the answer, and by tomorrow we'll have enough for a proper quiz (and everyone will get at least one correct). I'll post it up on Friday afternoon, which is the right and proper time for such timewasting nonsense.

  • Be correct. At least have a little google and make sure you've got the words right.
  • Don't be too obscure. Even if that band from Brighton are brilliant, don't use a line of theirs if there's not a good chance that a decent number of people will have heard of it."
The idea was indeed a fabulous one, but in practice, the finished article turned out to be unexpectedly, disappointingly difficult. We were idly kicking around concepts of scoring systems in the comments. Let's give it a go as a punchy one-shot.

Here's the simple version of the rules. This is a two-stage game. In the first stage, suggest a song lyric that you believe about two-thirds of entrants to the game will be able to identify. In the second stage, which will probably start on Friday, identify as many lyrics correctly as you can, and suggest which lyric (apart from your own) was your favourite. You score points for correctly identifying song lyrics, points for having your lyric identified by as close to two-thirds the number of entrants as possible, and points for having your lyric named as other people's favourite. That's it. Simples.

No more lyrics, please; the first stage has concluded.

Poll #1446048 Distributed Easy Lyrics Quiz: lyric me, do!

What is your easy lyric for the Distributed Easy Lyrics Quiz?

From where does your easy lyric come?

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