August 21st, 2009

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The Distributed Easy Lyrics Quiz: part two

I have picked up a summer cold. Yhis is annoying, but I have had such a fortunate run of good health (not sure, but maybe 18 months since my last one) that I am surely overdue. It doesn't feel like a horribly bad one; a nasty sore throat, but not so bad that Lockets and, supposedly, Ultra Chloraseptic cannot mostly take care of it, and a sniffly, slightly runny nose. Fingers crossed for being better before I return to work on Monday, oddly enough, after popping into work for an afternoon yesterday as cover for someone who has picked up a different stomach bug that's going around. All warm thoughts to those of you who have to cope with far worse on a daily basis, of course.

Within the cut-tag below are the lyrics for the Distributed Easy Lyrics Quiz. Please identify as many as possible and, for the last question, suggest which is your favourite. Please don't nominate your own lyric as your favourite. You are most welcome to enter even if you didn't submit a lyric. You don't need to name the artist because everyone has covered everything; you are expected not to use search engines or other external assistance, on your honour. If you have access to both, I'd prefer to receive answers on Dreamwidth, but answers on LiveJournal are welcome, or by e-mail at a pinch. One entry per person, please, not per account. Answers and scoring will, hopefully, be revealed on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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