May 2nd, 2011


A spectacularly great word game that you probably haven't played

I was delighted to stumble across the exciting news that the 1973 board game Montage is being reprinted. It's being reprinted as a Kickstarter project; the project has met its funding goal, but will not be funded until Saturday 7th May, or Sunday 8th May in some time zones, so it's definitely going ahead, but you can still contribute to the funding before the deadline and take advantage of the funding gifts, which look very attractive. I hold the designer in high regard, I know some of the people involved in the reprint and hold them in high regard and I hold the other supporters in high regard. Kickstarter projects are always inherently partly speculative, but this looks a safe enough bet that I am prepared to bring it to people's attention and risk the consequences.

Specifically, a donation of US$30 gets you a copy of the game plus free shipping in the continental US. (A small print run will be made, and the game is expected to sell at perhaps $45 or $50, potentially plus shipping. Shipping outside the continental US is an extra US$20.) A donation of US$100 gets two copies of the game, one of them hand-signed, a copy of a related game by the same author, some mention as being a funding sponsor and shipping is included worldwide. This last way looks like being the best way of doing it if you're outside the US. Is there anyone outside the US who would be interested in going in on a US$100 donation with me? We would sort out who gets what and how shipping costs would be allocated between us; splitting things with someone else in the UK would be ideal for the purposes of minimising domestic shipping costs (or, ideally, making the transfer in person).

I suppose I had better tell you about the game now! It's a word game played on a board between, strictly, two partnerships of two, taking about 1-1½ hours to play. It is played on a crossword-like grid with rotational symmetry and some squares blacked out. Collapse )

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