January 13th, 2020


New game: Currency Cat

Here is a simple, free-to-enter game to celebrate the recent turn of the decade.

As I type at 2000 local UK time on 13th January 02020, the following sums of money are worth approximately the same:

GBP 10.00 (10.00 British Pounds)
EUR 11.67 (11.67 Euros)
USD 13.00 (13.00 US Dollars)
AUD 18.82 (18.82 Australian Dollars)
CAD 16.96 (16.96 Canadian Dollars)
INR 919.9 (919.9 Indian Rupees)
AED 47.74 (47.74 Emirati Dirhams)
ZAR 187.2 (187.2 South African Rand)
THB 392.3 (392.3 Thai Baht)
NZD 19.60 (19.60 New Zealand Dollars)

Which three of these are, on average, going to be worth the most on 13th January 02030? You don't have to use just those ten; you can use GBP 10.00 worth of any other reasonably major currency instead, if you prefer, including (but not limited to) Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan Remnimbi, Russian Roubles, CFA Francs and so on.

You name the reasonably major currency, I'll establish the starting value (you don't need to work it out yourself!) and I'll come back and work out the 02030 value in ten years' time. Submissions must be entered within two weeks of me making this post. You don't need any sort of account to play, but do identify yourself so that I can award you a prize in 02030 if you win.

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