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Chess + T'n'A

From the "Ha ha, only serious" department

There are many reasons not to give as much respect as you might think to the "Brains in Bahrain" chess match between Kramnik and Deep Fritz in progress at the moment. (No link, deliberately.) I'm hardly dispassionate on the matter of back-room personnel involved so will keep my opinions on the subject to myself.

Possibly the strangest thing about it is "Brains in Bahrain naked chess" which asks some very simple chess questions, at least one of which is rather confusingly worded, and rewards correct answers with successive rows of a not-particularly-attractive soft porn picture. Technically it's not so much T'n'A as just T.

Don't bother entering the prize draw at the end, by the way; the deadline for it was last week. I couldn't possibly allege anything other than that the winners are doubtless winging their way to Bahrain right now. (Probably would have been a relatively easy prize draw to win, too - it hasn't caught the world's attention at all.)

It's evidently a gimmick which has worked because it's got me talking about it, more in mild flabberghasted bemusement at the dubious judgement of the people involved than any sense of outrage or offence. Sex sells!

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