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You rock!

Everyone on my Friends list rocks. (More specifically than that: you rock, you roll, you rule, you excel, you impress, you inspire, you nift, you generally do lots of good things.) This usually almost goes without saying.

However, it's unusually pleasant how many people on there seem to be rocking even harder than usual recently - some very recently - in a spectacular variety of ways, all very cool in their own way. It's an extremely positive coincidence that many good things are taking place to good people right now and it makes me happy. (It's a less positive coincidence that rather more than I would have liked have had to deal with ill health recently.)

Maybe it isn't a coincidence after all, or it's just one of those coincidences which actually crops up quite regularly but you only seldom spot. It's still something that's great to notice and deserves pointing out.

Have a great weekend! You all deserve one!
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