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A brief attendance analysis of the DASH puzzle hunt

I've never seen a table like this published anywhere, but there surely should be one and I have just been looking in the wrong places. It details the number of teams on the scoreboard for each city in each edition of the DASH puzzle hunt to date.

Albuquerque, NM---66+1
Austin, TX-2111213+4
Bay Area, CAY(SF)
Boston, MAY18262927+2
Chicago, IL--171410+1
Davis, CA-16151613+7
Houston, TXY----
London, UK----6+2
Los Angeles, CAY7222115+4
Minneapolis, MN----8+7
New York, NY-12242530+7
Portland, ORY6171919+2
San Diego, CA--7--
Seattle, WAY32474949+2
South Bend, IN---1-
St. Louis, MO---22+3
Washington, DCY14223331+1

Here are my initial thoughts:

1) Errors and omissions excepted, with my apologies in advance.

2) The numbers are drawn from the scoreboards and may not reflect teams that participate but do not make the scoreboard for whatever reason, or other infelicities. DASH 1 does not have a public scoreboard on the web site and thus "Y" represents the hunt having happened there with an unknown number of participants. For DASH 5, the numbers represent numbers on the experienced and newcomer tracks respectively.

3) Interpret "Bay Area, CA" using the following key: SF = San Francisco (1, 4, 5), PA = Palo Alto (1), SR = Santa Rosa (2,3), LA = Los Altos (2), SM = San Mateo (3), HMB = Half Moon Bay (5). I apologise if some of those locations are not really in the Bay Area. (If you tell me that I am a bad person for jumbling Santa Rosa in with the others, I'd believe you.) Meg and I had our honeymoon in San Francisco and went out to Half Moon Bay one day. We had fantastic crabby cheesy bread there.

4) It's not a competition to see whose DASH can be the largest; all DASH organiser teams are glorious, generous paragons of virtue, whether their event had one team or 70+, and the community at large thanks them all for the time and effort that they put in.

5) Welcome to Phoenix, AZ and Pittsburgh, PA, both of which are new for DASH 6. Fingers crossed for good turnout for them even in their first year - but even if the first year is small, this shows how turnout can grow over time.

6) In my opinion, it probably reflects well on the decision to have parallel "experienced" and "newcomer" tracks at DASH 5 that every city had at least one team playing each track.

DASH 6 will take place on 26th April, 2014. There are some cities with popular DASH locations of several years' standing which have not yet signed up; fingers crossed that the event proves the most popular and most successful yet!

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