Teesside Snog Monster (jiggery_pokery) wrote,
Teesside Snog Monster

The first subject line of a LJ! How exciting! I must make sure it's something really inspiring...

This might be the sort of LiveJournal which contains sporadic outbursts of wit and wisdom and means that I meet a special someone with whom to spend the rest of my life.

This might be the sort of LiveJournal which contains my results on 467 different personality tests every day.

This might be the sort of LiveJournal which gets started just so that I can generate a "Friends" page in order to save me from having to look through a dozen different LJs and post in journals which disallow anonymous entries. Oh, and the fact that nobody has taken this rather amusing journal name doesn't hurt either.

We shall see which it is in time, but personally, I'd bet on the last one.

So, just suppose, you see a comment from a jiggery_pokery somewhere about and you wonder who would choose a name like that. I'm Chris Dickson, 26 years old (technically "old enough to know better") and live in Middlesbrough, a town of 140,000 people in the north-east of England. Hello.

I read - at press time - eight different LJs daily and probably a dozen more sporadically. This explains why some of my friends, sorry, Friends are game show people (not least the wonderful and generously code-donating Mr. lambertman), some of my friends are Harry Potter people and some of my friends are neither. (Or both, I suppose.) I'm sure that in time I shall discover that many more of my friends with whom I share other interests also have LiveJournals and look forward to beFriending them too.

If I ever post more to my LiveJournal, it is quite likely to be about games in some form or another. Maybe it will be about puzzles (one-player, luck-free games with definite correct answers), maybe it will be about game shows (games so spectacular that they need the resources of a media company to stage them) or maybe it will be about sport (big physical games).

However, if I don't, then thank you for dropping by, intrigued, and enjoy with me once more the gentle wonder of the word that is


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