Teesside Snog Monster (jiggery_pokery) wrote,
Teesside Snog Monster

Sort of better

This is coming to you from my backup PC, which is approximately five years old. It's a P166MMX (remember in the days when having a Pentium which did MMX was good?) with a whopping 32 MB of RAM. Furthermore, it has a rather dubious old 56k modem which doesn't seem to be connecting very quickly at all, rather than ISDN loveliness. However, it's just nice to be on at all and this makes me happy. PC World suspect that the motherboard on the main PC is ill, which I would believe. A fix will take time and will be expensive, so I'm back to a 1997 retro style PC for the foreseeable future. (Still, better than a payphone. Sorry for the caps lock problems last night. Payphones have caps lock stuck on. Who'd have thought it?)

Expect no e-mail contact from me until the main PC gets better - I'll try using web mail where I can to get by, but will probably be signing off (almost?) all my mailing lists for the time being. Many apologies; normal service will be resumed as quickly as possible, but probably not very quickly.

The "Chamber of Secrets" movie has a lot of little flaws, not least a somewhat unusual ending, but none that really stop it from being just damn good fun. Hurrah, I say. Hurrah.
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