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Big-city Board-game Buddy Bonus

Nick Parish (who the_maenad and ealuscerwen know, and who at least three other Friends know of) invited me down to his house in south-west London for the weekend. His fiancée, Becky, is out of the country at the moment and so he is off to Brighton for BrightCon's "The Settlers of Catan" tournament on Sunday. Unfortunately, his plans to go with other friends fell through and so he invited me again with a sparkling deal - two nights in his spare room and he'd pay for the trip to Brighton if I would pay the GBP 33 for the coach trip down to London. Hurrah! An offer too good to refuse, so this should be a fine weekend.

London Alert. London Alert. This will be the first time I've been to London for, ooh, probably about five or six months and will almost certainly be the only time I'm in London until next March or April at the earliest. This strikes me as an excellent time to catch up with other nice London folk. the_maenad and ealuscerwen are particularly solicited for a pleasant evening of board games at Nick's house on Saturday (technically tomorrow - 30th November) as indeed are all other nice folk who know either of them and who might be reading this. If you're interested, let me know ASAP and I'll get the details to you. (Nick wondered how on earth I was keeping in touch with ealuscerwen - I haven't explained LJ to him yet...) Other London (and London-ish) folk: do any of you have gaps in your schedules for Saturday daytime and/or any point on Monday and would you feel like meeting up? Please advise soonest if you do.

A definite little bonus there, but it comes at a time when I'm in a relatively perky mood - for it looks like I'm going to be in Edinburgh for the New Year. Edinburgh is generally thought of as holding some of the wildest street parties in the country; in Scotland, the New Year celebrations are called "Hogmanay". I'm not normally a "wild street parties" sort of person, but not averse to trying new experiences and it's always looked like a lot of fun.

A different board gaming friend is throwing her house there open to board gamers for several days over the turn of the year on the condition that she doesn't have to put us up overnight, in an event to be known as HogmanayCon. (Apparently some Scottish dancing may be involved somewhere along the line too, which is a bonus.) Another friend who will be there has volunteered some overnight crash space to sort out the "trying to find a room in Edinburgh over Hogmanay at a vaguely reasonable price" problem. Once again, hurrah! Pleasant opportunities truly do fall unexpectedly into your lap from time to time.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it; it has turned out to be one for me!

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