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Business Plan

An anonyfriend (anonymous except for the lower case of the f) just called me on hir mobile to say "Hello Chris, I'm a bit lost. I took an unexpected exit out of (named large building) and don't know how to get to (named venue). I've walked to (nearby named large building) - please would you go to http://www.streetmap.co.uk/ and guide me to (named venue)?" So I did. It was quite fun.

Now generalise this and you have a business. Rent a premium rate phone number such as 0901-I-AM-LOST. Then when people get lost, they ring you on their mobiles, describe their current locations and you direct them to wherever they need to get to in order to be unlost. 50p per minute, more from mobile phones. The more help they need, the longer they stay on the line, the more money you make.

Would require an intensive and expensive advertising campaign in the local media and some sort of agreement with the mapping company whose maps you would use, but I think it would work. Might not be profitable, but it would work.

Yes? No? No? No.... no.

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