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Musical revelation

This 4.7 MB .mp3 (taken from this page describing it) has a large number of properties of pieces of music which I generally don't like, yet I admire it tremendously and have been playing it almost all the time the computer has been on for the last two or three days.

It's jazz. It's discordant, acid jazz. Large parts of it are repetitive and have no discernable melody. You can't sing to it. It has trumpets and saxophones. It has pointless speeding-up, slowing-down and noodling trickery just for the sake of it. Yet when it all comes together and in the seconds where it's just about to all come together, every instrument is perfect and the little twiddles suddenly become not annoying but wonderful and all the tuning-up sections become worth it. Those bells, that trumpet, that sax, that piano, that xylophone, those drums, that synth. Ohh...

I shouldn't like it. Life was so much more convenient when I felt that I had a fair grasp of the properties which tend to identify whether I am likely to enjoy a piece of music or not. Now I don't.


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