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Who's yer daddy?

flourish pointed out . The idea is that you declare the blog or blogs which inspired you to start your own blog to be your parents, though they might no longer be active or might no longer be your main inspirations. We then extend the family tree back and back and back until we get to Adam and Eve, extend the family metaphor into completely inappropriate directions and so forth.

I have declared three blogs to be parental, largely because I do recall following Defective Yeti and All I Need Is Everything on a regular basis before I ever heard of LiveJournal and because lambertman gave me an access code. Therefore I have two daddies and one mommy. Leave it.

From here, it turns out that I have one snarky half-brother, Rich Toscano (who happens to be extremely entertaining) and one smokin' half-sister, cookiebird of Xanga. Perhaps these should only be one-third-brother and one-third-sister as I have two unmatched parents? Not sure.

Anyway, a nice idea and I look forward to finding out who my sixth cousin twice removed is. (If it turns out to be myself, I shall be confused.) Not as well-integrated as Friends lists, but lots of fun all the same. I encourage you to help chart your own part of the genealogy of the blogosphere.

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