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It snowed in Middlesbrough today! First snow of the year, also the first snow of the season. Quick flurries morning, afternoon and evening - the evening flurry gave a light covering to colder surfaces which didn't immediately melt. Just enough to turn the roofs (surely not rooves?) white. I also gave blood; no problems at all, but I don't feel like typing so much today. Actually, I suspect I must have rubbed one of the attendants up the wrong way as he didn't give me the option of the local anaesthetic to the arm and did not bandage up the plaster at the end. I suspect I shall not be going without anaesthetic again.

Let's just give a couple of jolly links. NTK point to The Guardian's IT predictions for 2003, which mention location-based gaming, a very rum concept but one not yet far explored. Perhaps this is the technology which might permit practical live-action Super Bomberman. Let us recall what 1994's version of location-based gaming (technically, location-based entertainment) was and how it has turned out.

Off-colour British comedy site martian.fm give us spoof unexpurgated excerpts from Hansard, the journal transcribing the business of the House of Commons. This version has exceptionally coarse langauge and requires some knowledge of British politics, but had me in almost ceaseless laughter for at least five minutes. Tip: start with the bottom one and work upwards.

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