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Datatastic entry minus one

More snow today; unfortunately I have sneezed about ten times and picked up a runny nose. (Britbleeders, please remind me if this is sufficient for me to have to ring up the Blood Service and warn them that I gave 'em a duff batch of A+ yesterday.)

Followups: I somehow managed to miss this at the time, but yesterday's fake Hansard might not actually have been as expletive-ridden as this factual senior civil servant effing and blinding last year.

lambertman loves football. :-)

On the fantastic game show front, there are some new developments on Timegate, the hoped-for Knightmare pseudo-sequel, as we find this highly promising-looking 8.76 MB .wmv-format pilot/promo video clip. Still highly possible to cock the game up from here (and, more importantly, no news of the show actually having received a commission) but I like what I see.

Back on the 13th of December, I was directed to the availability of free fairtrade chocolate. Twenty grams (or, as we refer to it in the chocolate-scoffing trade, "just enough to give the kids a treat") of finest Green and Black's Organic Chocolate arrived today, as if there weren't enough chocolate in the house already. I have silly pictures.

The front of a bar of appetising chocolate.

The back of a bar of delectable chocolate.

A scary photo of me enjoying some of the chocolate.

The chocolate was less obviously fairtrade and more obviously organic than I was expecting, but that's not a bad fault. It was pretty good, too. (Apparently Green and Black's is all fairtrade without them needing to trumpet the fact on the wrapping. Thumbs up.)

On another topic, we recently "enjoyed" some of the chocolate that we bought for Christmas 2001 which we have let expire past its "best before" date. It was one of those cheap sold-all-around-Europe efforts and the back cover is a veritable Rosetta stone (a Cadbury's Rosetta stone, surely?) for names of ingredients of cheap chocolates in many interesting languages. Look! (.png format, just under 3 MB, may disappear after the end of January 2003.)

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