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Still datatastic entry minus one

Already been posted to ukgameshows, but deserves wider airing.

There exists a group of four charismatic and successful British poker players called The Hendon Mob who have their own very entertaining web site. On page two of their forum, there is an extremely funny thread about a recent irregularity in the "Countdown" TV word game show and how poker players might adjudicate them.

Got me thinking, though. Has anyone ever played poker using Scrabble tiles? I'm thinking primarily of some variant of Texas Hold 'Em - each player is dealt two tiles at random from the bag, followed by an initial betting round, then five communal letters come out into the middle with betting rounds after the first three letters, the first four and all five. The player who can make the longest anagram from the five communal letters (plus, possibly, the two in their hand) wins the pot; higher-scoring words break the tie between equally long ones.

Looking at this Google search, this might be a reasonably original thought. None of the links suggest that this is a regular occurrence, though they do reveal this amusing if rather shaggy-dog-looking tale about playing Scrabble against a prostitute. (Even the numbers quoted within look suspicious.) I shall consult with Jim Geary, the resident poker/Scrabble crossover. (No, not about the veracity of that story.)

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