Teesside Snog Monster (jiggery_pokery) wrote,
Teesside Snog Monster


I know there are some people who do not have a LiveJournal account who are kind enough to take an interest in what I say here. I occasionally make Friends-only postings (sometimes through circumspection, mostly through cowardice) and people who don't have LiveJournal accounts can't get listed as Friends in order to be given access to them. I've just made one where I've positively solicited opinion and I do care as much about the opinions of those who follow but are without LJ as those who follow on their LJ.

Accordingly, I'd rather like these currently-off-LJ friends to establish LJs of their own so that I can list them as Friends and they can see what I have to say. So, er, if you know me, if you don't have a LJ and if you do want to know what I want to say to in my Friends-only postings, please do get in touch by e-mail and I shall give you a code so that you can see. (You would start your own LJ to do so, but this wouldn't commit you to making comments in it in any way. It'd also be completely free of charge.)

Crikey, this cowardice business can be absurdly, unnecessarily awkward at times, can't it? :-(
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