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Not in Oxford

Am in Middlesbrough helping out team on MIT Puzzle Hunt. It's extremely hard - far harder than I remember from last year where I was able to crack the occasional puzzle on my own. So far, this year, that hasn't happened once yet. In fact there have been points where all the puzzles have seemed too hard to make any further progress at all on, which is distinctly unfun.

Then I spoke to a friend on the phone in the early hours. We chatted about possible lines of attack on some puzzles; suddenly we're unblocked again and a few of the puzzles look ever-so-slightly vaguely crackable eventually. The whole process would be much more successful and much more fun if we had got our act together and succeeded in getting the Britfolk into the same place at the same time - ideally one with about four computers with net connections - but we didn't manage it. Oh well.

Have fun in Oxford, folks!
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