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All the zeroes, MacT00bage

Am at casa queerasjohn for MacT00bage. Journey up yesterday was entertaining; half an inch of snow in Middlesbrough put all sorts of charming uncertainty into the proceedings; visibility on the Middlesbrough->Darlington leg was down to a hundred yards through the blizzard and snow blew all the way through the tunnel that is Darlington train station. The GNER (pronounced g'nurrrrr) staff were very helpful in rebooking me on a less-delayed train but were very pessimistic about my chances of said train getting any further north than Edinburgh. In the end, the train was disappointingly reliable further north of Newcastle and only actually about fifty minutes late. Leuchars bus stop was very cold, but after arrival in St. Andrews it was all worthwhile.

queerasjohn and oddree have an exceedingly pleasant basement flat - sizeable and warm. The company is extremely pleasant; John is a hospitable and personable host as well as a great big non-spiky fluffy bunny rabbit and there is much of the gentleman's gentleman about him, though also - happily - much of the geek's geek. (I may earn defenestration for this opinion.) Kay is a sweetheart also. Last night I slept in oddree's bed, which was very comfortable; future nights will see me snoring away in my sleeping bag on the floor of the very-nearly-long-enough walk-in cupboard next door.

I look forward to the others arriving, especially the poor dears who have been stranded in Stansted and the finest public transport minds in the country couldn't supply any better solution than the one they found themselves involving the hire of a car. Incidentally, we have developed a practical definition of the verb "to t00b": to discuss things in a pedantic fashion, making copious smutty and tasteless remarks. MaaaAAARRRRGGGHHHvellous. I could well get used to a weekend of this.

It's idly snowing outside even now. Next stop, Trinidad and T00bago.

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