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Pleasant day in town

Ten-'til-six games at the Middlesbrough Gamers Club today; about 52 attended, higher than for past Saturdays. I managed to run the Haggle game I'd been planning for a couple of months. Ideally we'd have had 15 players, but I could change it to work for ten. In the end, an eleventh signed up and I really had to fiddle it a bit to make it work. A few technical problems and inexactnesses, but broadly a qualified success. Possibly around half of the eleven players really got into it, but I think most of even the ones who didn't found it a fun change.

The single best sandwich shop in Middlesbrough is Hungry Jack's. Freshly made, decently-sized sandwiches (a choice of about a dozen fillings) plus none, any or all of eight salad ingredients for £1. They will try to upsell you into including (non-free) cheese, coleslaw or "three cakes for a £1" and you do get far more salad than filling, but they have a really efficient, good operation going on and the quality is a tremendously pleasant surprise. It's a chain operation with close to a dozen operations around Teesside. Were I responsible for freak-of-nature-accident retail booms then they would be bigger than McDonalds, only more ethical.

Lots more to write, but not tonight. :-)

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