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Marks for technical merit... marks for artistic impression...

December: acid jazz. Yesterday: big bands. Today: The Carpenters. The Larch Carpenters.

Thinking about singing a lot at the moment. One of the low points of MacT00bage was feeling unable to join along with some of the singing, but work to remedy this for future t00bage is slowly ongoing. A friend recently posted that they had a similar crisis of confidence about their own singing voice. On the day after return from MacT00bage, I was thinking about this and a particular song came into my head, which has been bouncing about from time to time. Today it's been at the forefront. It's "Sing", originally by the aforementioned Carpenters. Specifically, an edited version of it I heard which goes like this:

Sing a song
Sing out loud
Sing out strong
Don't worry that it's not good enough
For anyone else to hear
Sing a song

(insert the kiddy la-la-la-la chorus at this point, repeat ad lib)

Now admittedly this is rather an edited version, but it came from Last Chance Lottery, a one-season entertainment show on Channel 4.

Crikey. This part within the lj-cut has taken all day to write just because my mind hasn't been on it and it wasn't going to be very interesting anyway. Aww, skip it. I'll just give you the links: a page with audio files, Last Chance Lottery at ukgameshows, Don't Forget Your Toothbrush at ukgameshows (had its moments, though Chris Evans has worked his way onto my Don't Like list) and let you know that "Sing" is a song I like a lot. There. Bah. Grumble. Meta.

addedentry points to a BBC article about smart mobs and massively co-operative games, which in turn points to Collective Detective, "The world's only complete Collective Gaming and Immersive Entertainment community". Exciting, exciting! I haven't looked into this deeply yet, but it could be very cool indeed. Perhaps jiggery_pokery is a co-operative weird games blog already, perhaps this Collective Detective is one in practice. I'd like something which deliberately sets out for that goal already. Next question: is anyone interested enough in weblogs rather than games to help out on the technical side? I'm thinking possibly of a Moveable Type solution, largely inspired by Gameblog, though I know many good alternatives exist.

(Incidentally, the experts have already pointed out the inaccuracies in that BBC article.)

Plans unveiled for the first billion dollar game show - well, the first since the Pinball Fantasies table. Yahoo! have more info, including an interview with an infamous name. Can't get much past the knee-jerk reaction stage yet, but the "Willy Wonka" set-up sounds promising. WWTBAM? in the UK is now over four years old - I perceive that it's worked best in the countries where it's been produced really well and where it's had a truly paradigm-breaking prize. The prize of a shot at a billion certainly fulfils the latter, but I'm much more concerned as to whether the essential game involved will be interesting or not. Still, we can live in hope.

gamesvariant is a community version of Schmittberger's New Rules for Classic Games (evil amazon.com link). Unforunately www.samegamenewrules.com has nothing to do with it and is far more dull than the URL would suggest.

Life has good parts and bad parts, but some of the good parts feel a lot better right now than they have done for a long time. :-)
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