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Australia beat England, film at 11

Feeling unusually temperamental today. A fun way to end it is to look at the Australian press coverage of the shock football match result. I particularly liked the Sydney Morning Herald's "Australia 3 Easybeats 1". Sounds like Stelios is taking up pop management, or something.

Mass opinion is that Quidditch is pretty poorly designed as games go, but here's an interesting take on it that I hadn't seen before.

I can't say that I've read this entire thread, but here's my theory on Quidditch: Its not supposed to make any sense.

There is a thread of non-sensicle rules and adult behavior throughout the books, with no logical explanation for them. Remember, though, that for an 11 year old, the world is a confusing place full of rules that they don't understand, and adult behavior that they don't understand. Because they don't really understand, they just sort of fumble through things trying not to get yelled at. This all makes the books appealing to kids, since they feel that they live in a world not to far off from Harry's, in terms of trudging through helplessly at the whim of adults that they don't understand and their rules that make no sense, but must be followed.

If you've ever coached t-ball or baseball, you know that no kid can really explain what a force-out is until (s)he has been playing for a few years. They just know that sometimes you tag the player, sometimes you step on the base, and all the adults will be yelling to them in real-time to do one or the other, which just confuses them even more. If you are more of a soccer afficiondio, substitute off-sides for a force-out (and the fact that only a few parents are yelling because they don't really understand the game either).

Someday, look at the face of a kid who just goofed up in sports, with no idea of what (s)he was supposed to do. To that kid, Quidditch makes as much sense as baseball.

-- Mick Tee, rec.games.board. If you hadn't told me that then I'd have thought it had come from HPFGU or one of the other arcane, well-respected discussion spots.

Never met the guy, but I like Mandel Ilagan's weblog/journal/thing. He's worked very hard and managed to achieve what most of us couldn't do to break into the industry. Accordingly he has stopped being a fanboy and started being a suit, however much he denies it, though he still writes a great blog in which he has lots of fun in very cool ways that the rest of us can only dream of. More power to his elbow, naturally.

However, there is only one way for him to regain his fanboy mojo. He must cast all thoughts of commercial propriety out of the way and he must write this as an entry:


Whammy! tapings were kinda ehhh today - got the feeling that people were going through the motions. Still, Aaron Solomon did Family Challenge and look at him now, so there's hope yet.

With affectionate smiles and respectful tips of the hat to Aaron and Mandel. :-)

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