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Registered for temp or permanent work with Adecco and Manpower today. Wasn't particularly satisfied by either one - Adecco had me in and out within about three minutes and Manpower gave me possibly eight or nine. Hopefully people there will call with more information soon, though I'm not looking forward to it without reservation. I tend to write more about my thoughts than my life mainly because my thoughts are more fun.

Talking of more fun, I've long been wondering about the usericons that people have which look like characters from "South Park". I've Googled to no avail, so I wonder if there's a site with tools to produce them on demand? Eventually I worked out that those other square-faced, stylised bodies that you used to see all the time were called "stortroopers" and even found the relevant site (www.stor.co.uk, though it seems not to be up now) but I haven't found a source for South Park style usericons. Have they all really just been hand-drawn? That's pretty impressive if so.

Taking this further, does anyone enjoy producing usericons enough that they would care to produce me a South Park character usericon? You've probably all seen the unflattering pictures of me and the infamous fruited sponge puddings by now, but you can look at a slightly more serious pic too. Be as in-jokey about it as you like, or just give me a generic Pip icon and see whether I can tell the difference or not.
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