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News and adverts

News oddity: the BBC's one o' clock newsreader, Anna Ford, had her voice become croaky and intermittent while she was broadcasting today's news to the extent that they had to substitute her off and bring on super-sub Sophie Raworth in her place. Not as dramatic as it sounds, but certainly the first time I can recall seeing it happen. The funny thing is that if you're a completist and want to see it, you can still see the BBC's one o'clock news broadcast on their site until at least 6pm GMT, so for nearly three more hours as I type. Here's a direct link to the RealMedia stream.

Meant to link to this archive of British TV adverts with an amusing URL while I was talkng about shoes in point three yesterday. There is one particularly fantastic little TV advert (.wmv, 677 KB) which sets up and plays out a heroic "fantasy princess tries to return sunlight to the kingdom" scenario in fifty seconds. It is particularly notable for the way in which our protagonist massacres the vowel sounds in the line "Magic shoes?". One of the finest, most memorable adverts that Britain has ever had. (Oh, and "Diiiiiime baaaaaar? That bloke's a nutter!".)

News about Britain unveiling radical pro-renewable energy plans. Surely a good thing, but I can't help remembering one particular advert for British Nuclear Fuels Ltd. which traced the energy supply from the sun. It had a particularly strident orchestral line finishing in a brilliant ascending major arpeggio. (Or, if you prefer, I try to could whistle it.) Then there was that advert for the new Virgin Voyager trains late last year which also had really good music. So many of the best tunes are in adverts these days; ah, sweet advertainment!
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