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Fairly uninspired day. Aims: write long LJ entry which has been brewing, catch up on backlog of replies to one particular person, work on own obligations for Nimbus. Achieved: none, but did post one funny thing (and one unfunny thing) on someone else's journal. Also burnt finger on hot plate causing 5mm x 20mm blister. Happily this was the side of the finger (index finger, right hand, facing the thumb) rather than the tip, so it could have been much worse. (This advice seems to help quite well.)

Football: Sunderland lost their sixth consecutive league match and have now lost nine of their last eleven games, drawing the other two. The league table looks bleak.

Frequently-injured local hero Juninho made a triumphant return for Middlesbrough to score a late equaliser, which will have cheered the town up - compare with 20,000 turning up on Tuesday to see Juninho return from injury to play for the reserves who won 9-0.

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