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Not so good

Woke up before 10 yesterday. Soon after 11, Adecco called me, which was a first. They confirmed the types of work I was interested in and effectively got me to reject the telesales position they had available. Showered, dressed up, went into town. Went to the library to print out the three entries containing details of what I've been up to at the end of last week (printer at home ill, connection to LJ also unhealthy). Printer system at library more b0rked than usual - at some point I shall rant about the extent to which they have taken a sensible, efficient system and turned into a horribly labour-intensive one for only a very theoretical benefit.

Managed to make it to my appointment at "Working Links" either on time, or at least within a few seconds. Talked quite a lot to a nice lady who gave me over half an hour and who was a good listener. Unfortunately Working Links seems to be little more than a recruitment agency with government or council money behind it - but maybe they'll be able to help. Bumped into a friend (Clark - mentioned in passing in the board game entries) who I hadn't seen and chatted to for a while, which was nice. I gave Clark my LJ URL so he might well drop by. *waves at Clark* Vaguely productive in other spheres, but only vaguely.

Today, slept from 2 until 8:30. I definitely woke up a cycle too early; I haven't felt like doing much so far and do feel that I've been put off far too easily. The lady from Get IT with whom I was due to have an appointment today is off ill, so I shall recycle my appointment there. CVs submitted to job sites: zero. Progress on forms and admin for interview at job centre tomorrow: zero. Not as good as last week. May well get better yet, though.

Edit: other bad thing which happened today which I forgot to include first time. I checked my bank statement and the cheap £17 train ticket I bought to go to MacT00bage has turned out to be a not-so-cheap £52.50 train ticket. Words will be had, though I could do without the hassle - I have a feeling that TheTrainLine, where I bought the ticket, will try to shuttle me to Arriva, who charged me for it, and Arriva will shuttle me back again. I bought it on a debit card, not a credit card, which I suspect may be vaguely not-too-helpful. Any advice that can be offered here would be very helpful. £35½ is large enough to be annoying, but not large enough for me to want to go to the Small Claims Court.

Amusing thing that David Bodycombe pointed out: Combat Ball. Admittedly it offers little - other than enhanced target area - that home laser games didn't do more cheaply fifteen years ago, but part of its charm is its low-tech, distinctly cheatable, vaguely dangerous nature. Buying twenty sets and having a massive 20 v. 20 battle at the games club seems like slightly too much fun to be allowed, though, but it's nice to know that we have the budget to do so if we wanted to.
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