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Tricky entry proving too tricky to get down in writing

1) The "paying £52.50 to the wrong company for a £17 train ticket" problem has been sorted out. Turns out that I did pay £17 to the correct company on my credit card rather than my debit card and the credit card payment has been processed properly. The £52.50 payment was also correctly processed for my coach trip to Oxford the previous weekend. User = moron error. Carry on. It was a bittersweet sort of inadvertent revenge to waste the time of a telesales bob on a billing enquiry which wasn't even slightly his fault, though.

2) I'm likely to be taking part in the QuizGB online buzzer quiz evening tonight - happy hour 9pm-10pm GMT, hardcore hour 10pm-11pm GMT. I have a realistic hope of winning some of the questions in the first hour and a sniff of a hope of some in the second hour. Still fun, though. Not sure how British-culture-specific the questions are in practice, but that needn't stop at least the more macho of you. :-)

3) Middlesbrough 1 Newcastle 0 in the Tees-Tyne football derby last night. If you're curious to know more about local football rivalry japes, this is what it's like to live in Middlesbrough. Incidentally the result has made me realise that my previously posted football preference ranking is incorrect; I fear the truth is more like Sunderland, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Man U, Blackburn, etc.

4) Interesting article about football attendances. Nice to see the trend is rising - the bigger business the English game can be, the better. Unfortunately next year's Premiership is going to be worse as #3-capacity, #5-support Sunderland (cool attendance stats) look set to be replaced by small clubs like Portsmouth, Reading etc. Sunderland were talking of expanding their ground to hold 55,555 (and eventually over 60,000) but this seems most unlikely now.

5) Teesside Airport has found a buyer, but for a fairly derisory sum. The new owners are pretty small players in the airline market; I would regard it as positive that they've been able to attract EasyJet to Liverpool John Lennon, but I can't see them doing the same for MME - whether for EasyJet (very unlikely as they already have a nearby Newcastle hublet), bmibaby or anyone else. Oh, and the Scotsman's Scottish airports section is fine - good analysis on why the planned Central Scottish airport "wouldn't fly".

6) I like bmibaby's current promotion - instead of offering three seats on each flight for about tuppence ha'penny, they have declared a maximum price for all seats on certain routes on certain flights. A neat way to turn around the "flights from £1.99, but yours will cost £176.50" experience that some other airlines offer. Good gimmick.

7) daweaver is a member of the biblography - no, not he's not a book used to help people write other books, it's just he has a second blog also. (Not secret; it's linked in his userinfo.) He's giving his ongoing estimates of the chance of Blair being PM on 01/01/04. Crucially, he currently estimates this at under 50%, whereas I estimate this at over 50%. Outstanding even-money wagering opportunity! Can anyone suggest something fun to wager on this? Money isn't really fun and I don't think either of us are into humiliation. Suggestions welcome.

8) I have a mildly mind-bending but fundamentally benign piece of mischief in mind that I would like to perpetrate some day. Would anyone care to volunteer as a victim for this? If you volunteer now then I may perform it upon you at some point between 2010 and 2020 inclusive. (Assuming I can find your current contact details, of course.) You will get no prior warning of what it is or when I will perform it until it happens. Any volunteers?

9) Progress on job front: zero. I did dream about getting two competing one-day temp jobs last night, but nothing worth writing about on either a dream front of a job front.

10) Someone post something anonymously (not too gross, please) and give me the fun of trying to work out who posted it, please.
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