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Another day which got vaguely worse

Excel here reckons that October 23rd 1975 has datevalue 27690 and that today's date has datevalue 37690, which makes me ten thousand days old today. Ain't that just special? It also means that yesterday was my ten thousandth day on this earth. Not sure which day of the two is more worthy of celebration - on your ten thousandth day itself, you have only so far completed 9,999 days; leap years aside, on your 366th day you have completed your first year. Somehow it's rather easier with annual system birthdays. Another way of looking at it is that I have now lived a whole third of what would be a very respectable innings. A third's quite big.

Went to Working Links - used their Internet connection to browse through the government's JobCentrePlus list of positions available. There were a couple of honest-to-goodness web jobs available, but a couple of other local computer jobs as well which I probably ought to look into. Getting on with it was strangely a bit easier while I was there than when I am here, I've got lots of links set up to LiveJournal and other fun sites and so forth. The people were nice enough and it got me out of the house.

Next stop was the Get IT centre, which helped a bit on the "not sure what sort of work to look for" side of things. I sat down and used a career-suggestions program for about 40 minutes. Lots of things to think about and suggestions as to where to look; really, it's like one of those old careers services that they used to have at school. I was going to write about the results tonight but it's now got too late, really. Felt a little bit teary afterwards, which I wasn't expecting. Certainly a step in the right direction.

Sandwich from Hungry Jack's, then wandered home. Called in at the University of Teesside, had a quick word with their Careers Service, who didn't mind me using their facilities even though I'm not affiliated at all. Bumped into someone who I knew from the games club, which was amusing, but he kindly showed me where I needed to be. A few more interesting ideas and possibilities there. Really I have a few avenues to try now, it's just getting on with doing things about them.

Walked home. Called in at Middlesbrough Theatre on the way; turns out that the Tim Vine appearance hasn't been confirmed yet, so no tickets on sale. They had posters for a performance of A Clockwork Orange with an image I could have done without seeing (seemed to be a needle sticking into an eyeball) but on the whole it's a net plus. The theatre will call when the show is confirmed and I shall pay cash for a ticket approximately 4¾ minutes after they call.

Remembered to go to the dentist this time! Very cursory inspection, dentist was very pleased. Didn't use his scraper on my teeth, but did do a little scale-and-polishing. (? Probably not the correct term, but you probably know what I'm getting at.) It started to rain fairly hard on the way back, had a remarkably long rumble of thunder, a tremendous flash of lighting about two seconds later and then a wonderfully intense short-lived shower of hailstones. Rest of the day hasn't been so good, but it concerns the parentals, so I don't feel like talking about it.

Some good bits, but pretty much a day to forget.

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