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Now eh, now eh, calm down, calm down

Did a good-silly thing this afternoon. I expect I'll probably own up to it in a few weeks or so. No clues until then.

New low-cost airline announced today: NOW. Their gimmick is that all their seats on each flight will cost the same price and that they have fixed price schedules which do not change. Sounds like an imaginitive try, though it's probably easier to sell "from GBP 5" than it is to sell "GBP 35". It also doesn't help that the price they quote includes most of the taxes, but one tax is left unadded - so people used to seeing prices including tax and prices excluding tax now have to consider the possibility of this midway waver.

They're based at London Luton, which seems like a very brave try going up against Easyjet (not to mention that Hapag Lloyd Express fly there as do even Ryanair, albeit from Milan only) but I think their destinations look broadly OK and fairly major for a low-cost. Their GBP 35 (OK, practically GBP 40) one-way to Manchester looks imagnitive, but I'm not sure that there would be much time or money saved over the train in practice. Perhaps it might work for people who need to travel in the mornings when the trains are absurdly expensive, or perhaps it might work for people who want to get from somewhere very near Luton Airport to somewhere very near Manchester Airport as opposed to just non-specifically London to Manchester. Booking starts at the end of the month and the airport spill the beans suggesting that flights should start on June 14th.

Their site also invites you to apply for their jobs en bloc, saying "We are building a new business and will need to fill a number of exciting positions ranging from admin and finance to sales and marketing." and inviting you to submit an application to them with no particular position in mind. Got to be worth a try. I have half a suspicion that their unduly weird CV-submission system is suggesting that hundreds of people have already registered interest in working for their company on its first day, but it could well be lying - I know that's the sort of stunt I'd pull if I were running the web site! :-)
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