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More reasons to be cheerful

Surely the most desirable web job in the world: watch sport, publish a couple of sentences about the ongoing match every few minutes, swapping jokes, banter and other repartee with the masses in approximately the style of a disc jockey on Highbrow Geeky FM? Maybe not as much fun as it sounds. Possibly the best way to follow cricket, of all the things. The same sort of approach probably would work for golf and might for baseball, but there are few other sports gentle enough where it might.

Another Red Nose Day spoof? Probably to some extent, but the other recent match reports are in a similar vein. Very entertaining writing.

Forthcoming trips:
  • Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd March, Abingdon for board games
  • Thursday 21st - Monday 31st March, St. Andrews for Mac200bage
  • Slight superset of 3rd - 5th May, Cambridge for MSO Cambridge
  • Slight superset of 17th - 20th July, Orlando for Nimbus - 2003
Specifically, I will be arriving in Oxford on the way to Abingdon at about 5:10 on Thursday 20th March. I'll be coming by coach, so it's subject to traffic, of course, but past experience leads me to believe it's likely to be earlier rather than later. It would be nice to see Oxford folk while I was there for some time, but only if it would fit into your schedules. (If not, I can go straight to Abingdon instead.) I'd quite like to grab some tea from Pepper's of Walton Street, the world's best burger bar, but there's nothing else on the agenda at all. Would this fit into anyone else's plans?

Edit: credit where it's due, the Guardian link was yoinked from sbisson whose LJ is possibly the single most frequent source for links that I mindlessly propagate. Oh, and leiabelle has turned my nose on in this new icon which advertises www.nasalley.org rather more clearly. Make your donation to Comic Relief via Nas Alley and enjoy the power of double counting - why inflate just one total when you can increment two at once?

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