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Catching on slowly - Many a mickle maks a muckle

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March 17th, 2003

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08:01 pm - Catching on slowly
At least three people with no apparent connection to each other apart from all being on my Friends list have mentioned the word "burnination" or some form thereof, sometimes as a mood, in the last 30 hours. After I saw it a second time I suspected it might be a Thing Going Round and the third has confirmed it. It pertains to a rather silly but cute arcade game which is part of a rather silly but cute site.

All Your Base factor: three out of ten, but that's not bad for a Monday.

Ooh, I'm missing University Challenge.
Current Mood: rather silly but cute

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Date:March 17th, 2003 01:06 pm (UTC)

Re: Bwahaha! Trogdor strikes again!

It's fairly funny, until the video at the end starts. Then it becomes very funny. Suddenly it all becomes clear.

The difficulty of the game is offensive. I kept dying on level three due to my immense sux0riou5ness but managed to get onto level six just now.

Now I understand about the arm, too.
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Date:March 17th, 2003 05:23 pm (UTC)

Re: Bwahaha! Trogdor strikes again!

Yes, the video is the best part!

I haven't played the game yet, but intend to when I am done with posting all over people's LJs writing my papers. O:)

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