Teesside Snog Monster (jiggery_pokery) wrote,
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In a bit of a mood

A few of my Friends weren't having the best of days yesterday and unfortunately it rather rubbed off on me. As a result, I was feeling pretty depraved last night, so when I couldn't get to sleep by 5 am, I got up and did something that I hadn't done for, probably, eight or nine years.

I wrote a story.

I won't be sharing it here, though I might post it somewhere online if I can find the right place, probably attributed to Alan Smithee. The story is very bad, but it has excised a rather ugly thought which I couldn't otherwise get out of my head last night. However, it has a beginning, a middle and a conclusion and they're even in the right order. (It's about a thousand words long and took an hour and a half.)

Whatever next?
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