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Turbo T00bage report

Pleasantly restful, not-too-wild weekend away in St. Andrews. Much smaller than the last event, to the point where there were frequently only four of us and so couldn't really split into sub-groups. It was more fun when there were five or six; John's theory that six is sufficient for critical mass has much in its favour.

Visited two of St. Andrews' beaches. Watched many DVDs: Fellowship of the Ring extended version, both normally and with cast commentary, plus about 70% of the extras discs, Monsters, Inc. (wonderful), The Sum of All Fears (an ill-timed selection, though unfortunately not in a good way after all), Not Another Teen Movie (low-brow, stupid and very entertaining indeed) and XXX (a passable action movie primarily of interest for the virtues it chooses to portray). Only watched the Once More With Feeling musical episode of Buffy once, with very little singing. Considerable consumption of puddings, but almost all were shop-bought rather than home-made. Most fascinating discussion: inspired by nationstates.net, we discussed a fairly serious and interesting real-world alternate history game project. I shall say no more should it come to fruition - though, for believability's sake, nothing is to be expected within the next 48 hours or so.

Sorry that train strikes and so forth prevented lots of nice folk from turning up; you were missed and the event would only have been more so, and so more fun for all, with more present. (Up to a limit, of course; the low numbers did leave me a sofa to sleep on!) Many thanks for a fine weekend to oddree, queerasjohn, marysiak, akahannah, pot_pal_ashley, frayer and kleio_caissa. Great to see some people who are always entertaining company again, even better to make new friends!

This is a very quick report, largely because I'm pretty tired. I'd be happy to go into more detail about specific areas of what happened - possibly even comparing and contrasting what happened at the two events, if that'd be of interest - if people can identify points to talk about.

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