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</a></b></a>zigazigahh: Baby, Sporty, Scary, Quisling, Ethereal, Ginger, Posh and Moth-Eaten. In that order.
</a></b></a>ashbydelazouch: Penistone in West Yorkshire.
</a></b></a>coinchidenche: Arlington Road, which is set to be a stop on the East Line of the Leeds Supertram. Look! Is that not incredibly nifty?
</a></b></a>thesundontshine: If you can get past the obvious, I am told by people I trust and by people whose credentials I respect that it's a lot of fun, so I hope to try it some day. From either end.
</a></b></a>: None. If you take it literally, still none.
</a></b></a>storyofyourlife: Dale Winton. He isn't primarily known as an actor, but I've seen him in a few cameos and I think he could play the role quite well. Reversing the question, more interestingly, I would cast Anne Widdecombe for you.
</a></b></a>: I hear there is a very good Azerbaijani in town. Some day I shall have to investigate more fully.
</a></b></a>afewdollarsmore: lambertman, maybe zorac. Probably leiabelle too if she weren't away. This time next year, almost certainly pto452.
</a></b></a>neednewmaterial: "Two million pounds? He must have seen you coming!"
</a></b></a>: Seven Hearts is icy cold because of the 2-2 club split, but you're going to drop at least three in Seven Spades even if the finesse works. Accordingly you have to raise to Eight Hearts, make all thirteen, and go one down doubled as an imaginitive sacrifice. Ignore anyone who tells you it's illegal.
</a></b></a>takeachanceonme: Two gallons of gravy. If it was good enough for Floella Benjamin - and it always used to be - then it's good enough for me. Let's not bring Peter Duncan into this argument.
</a></b></a>: Cock-a-Leekie.
</a></b></a>1side0volume: To some extent, though I'm not exactly sure how much myself. After deep thought, it grew in February and March to a greater extent than I had ever been expecting; imagine my surprise when it started to shrink late last month and has been shrinking ever since!
</a></b></a>ibetiamone: It's an almost-acryonym referring to a Turgid Overweight Obstetrician.
</a></b></a>nuclearspoiler: Here, but don't say I didn't warn you.
</a></b></a>romanticktock: You. Duh!
</a></b></a>rattlepotspans: 208, last time I checked.
</a></b></a>: Classy operators tend to charge about £100-150 per hour around here, though I have it on good authority that basic services are available for as little as £20.
</a></b></a>tolookforwardto: Yes, I have. Probably a week on Thursday.
</a></b></a>imnotdavegorman: Apparently on the cusp between Libra and Libretto.

Thanks, everyone, for a really fun bundle of questions. We'll do this again next year!

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